Bicycle Connected with Amazon Alexa — Cyber Gazing

The Cybic Legend will allow riders to ask Alexa anything as they cycle, from traffic updates to directions. ‘Adding Alexa functionality expands the notion of ‘Alexa On The Go’, where Alexa is available anywhere where the bike is,’ said David Kumar, principal product manager at Alexa Voice Services. ‘The combination of Alexa and Cybic enables […]

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Echo Dot with wifi match at home and on a cell phone. I’ve experienced that google home is apart of some re-work and alows Amazon to be a best use for now.  The value is pratical with basics.  The match links by Apple sync  or Google sync.  It can be used independently with access on a device via the instructions for the Amazon App.


Laura Bates – A Lifetime of Community Involvement — Gypsy Road Trip

Behind every success is effort. Behind every effort is passion. Behind every passion is someone with the courage to try. Courage to promote local attractions is something Laura Bates still has a passion for after many years of community involvement. There’s no way to describe all her contributions in one short article, but here […]

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Photos heic/heif

Ways to share photos started by conversion procedures. We organize in/with our file catalog location. Apple created a catalog procedure in iOS 11, heic. Already, other files like documents work and they can be distilled or processed, like an apple pages file. It can be exported to google or even Microsoft. Sooner or later, the processes created can be used or maybe re-worked for effects, like photos. This blog roll notice shows the link For an incomplete, to be updated file; yet, published as approved. It can be updated anytime. The purpose is to show commonly used processes for the required, wide spread use, of heic files.

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