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Picture courtesy of Yahoo This year, in March, the world has put on hold. COVID-19 has caused a huge pause in our everyday life. We are on social distancing. Families and friends are separated unless they live in the same household, of course. Instead of strengthening our connections, friendships, and bonds, the dangerous virus […]

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What – Me Worry?

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Teddy Roosevelt’s reasons for going to church:

Ladies Home Journal 1917

In this actual world a churchless community, a community where men have abandoned and scoffrd at or ignored their religious needs. is a community on the rapid downgrade.  It is perfectly true that occasional individuals or families may have nothing to do with church or with religious practices and observances: and yet, maintain the highest standard of spirituality of ethical obligation. But this does not affect the case in the world as it now is, any more than the exceptional men and women under exceptional conditions have disgraded the marriage tie without moral harm to themselves interferes with larger facts that such disreguard if at all common means the complete moral disintegration of the body politic.

Church work and church attendance mean the cultivation of the habit of feeling some responsibility for others and the sence of…

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